What is the Last date to file Belated or Revised Income tax return for A.Y 2016-17 & 2017-18

  • Demonetization and last date to e-file Income Tax return

On 8th  of Nov 2016, Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi announced  the ban of currency note of value Rs 500 and Rs 1000  since mid night. Government of  India had provided certain time limit to exchange the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency from bank and financial institution.

After Demonetization, a person who  has exchanged or deposited the high volume of currency to bank was mandated to file the details of cash deposit in their Annual Income Tax Returns for the A.Y. 2016-17. If a person were unable to file the details of cash deposit or  filed incorrect information through his Income Tax Return for that A.Y can now file their belated return or revise his return till 31.3.2018.

  • What Happens if you not file the income tax return or revise the incorrect information provided in Income Tax Return?

Guys, in that case be ready to get Income Tax Notice  under Section 142 (1) of Income Tax Act, 1961 and several consequences thereafter.  Non filing or incorrect filing of Income may attract several interest , penalty or prosecution.

  • Which Person Mandatorily required to file the Income Tax Return
    • All companies, Firms, LLPs
    • Trusts, Associations, Political parties ( Whose Income prior to claim of exemptions exceeds the minimum chargeable to tax
    • Individuals & HUFs having income more than

For Citizen age (upto 60 years)                                 Rs 2,50,000

For Senior citizen (age 60 years upto 80 years    Rs 3,00,000 and

For Senior citizen (80 years or more )                     Rs 5,00,000

  • What is the due date for filing of Revised Return for A.Y 2016-17 & 2017-18

31st March 2018 ( with interest , if any, for late filing of Income Tax Return)

  • Where can we file my Income Tax Return

ITR can be e-filed at https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/e-Filing/UserLogin/LoginHome.html



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