How to Start a business ( Part 1)

How to Start a business

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are living in a world in which the custom, trade and business changes according to their location and culture. Population is growing faster in today’s world. The world Population was estimated to have reached 7.6 billion as of December, 2017. The United Nations estimates it will further increase to 11.8 billion by the year 2100. As the human population index is increasing but the job ratio is not increasing as perspective of the population. Person need some currency to survive and it can be earned by two ways:

  • Go and get employed somewhere
  • Start your own Business and provide employment

Choice is yours, the one who does not got the employment or person whose only motto is to be a boss of himself will choose the path of business. But the problem is some basic query which arises in mind to first time thinker of business or entrepreneurs. Here we will discuss each one in details step by step.  Keep Reading!!!

As my first line discusses the nature of business that changes according to the need of people, custom, culture, technology, their tradition and so on. Sometime people start a business which they see in their surrounding and thinks that he can also do the same business but this is a wrong way to start any business. A person should start business based on his interest.

When you start any business, there are hundreds of question that need answering. Some of them are:

  • Which mode of business should be started like whether it should be online based or physical locally based?
  • How much Fund/Money really need to start a business?
  • What is statutory requirement and Process like registration with concerned government offices?
  • How do you build your interior of physical location or if based on online business then how a website would be build and its actual cost etc.
  • Who will be the target customer?
  • How will you reach with the customer etc.

Our next Post will describe the details of type of Business and their Statutory Regulation with Cost Analysis

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