Aadhar and Risk of Identity Theft

Ladies & Gentleman,

We are living in digital world, digital economy and enjoying digital lifestyle. To make a life more easier our Government is also moving ahead and incorporating regulations for digital transactions and digital communication. To move ahead in this, Government of India has introduced a national population database for Indian Citizen called AADHAR and till now Indian Government has issued almost 85% Aadhar Number to their citizen.

What is Aadhar number and contents for aadhar application ?

It is a number issued by UIDAI Government of India to citizen of India who applied for this Number. Following information is needed by official during Aadhar application

  • Proof of Indian Citizen
  • Name of Applicant
  • Fathers name
  • Mothers name
  • Date of Birth
  • Residential Address and their Proof
  • Mobile Number
  • E-Mail Id

And Now most important thing

  • Finger Print of both Right hand and left hand
  • Retina Scan of both eyes

Where we provide Personal details with Aadhar Application

  • Aadhar Collection Centre
  • Common Service Centre
  • Post office
  • Banks
  • Financial Institution

What is privacy issue in Aadhar Enrollment

People visit to nearest centre to enrol themselves for Aadhar Number and provide the above mentioned details to that centre. Now the real game begins . some of the above centre sale your personal details to hackers or outsiders at mere a cost of Rs 500 or depending on the details of the person. Now think if all your personal details moved to hacker and what can they do with these details. They can access your financial details as well as personal details and can make you loss either financially or morally.

Government of India assure us that there is sufficient security for your personal data but these securities are available only at last stage that is after generating of AADHAR No. at UIDAI database but there is no security at centre where people are providing their data.

If a person get your aadhar no and fingerprint details from that common centre then the hacker can easily access your all digital transaction as now a days Government has mandated almost every financial or personal details to be linked with AADHAR Number.

Guys be aware as we know that millions of data is already sold by these centre to hackers. No body knows how many person got affected or going to be affected by this data breach .

Government is saying that he is taking prominent step and going to fine that centre but the real question is whether Government fine that centre or punish that centre but they cant recover that data from the hacker and there will always be a vulnerability of financial loss for the common man whose data was sold .

Today this article is for you to  become aware from identity theft which might get happen with you.

So be aware !!!

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